Hilton has had a cricket club for more than 150 years, though most of our players are younger than that. Because our home ground is the Green, we enjoy one of the most pleasant and attractive venues in the county. The cricket pavilion is a feature of our village scene. The first pavilion, built in 1906, and the present building, which replaced it in the late 1980s, were each the result of intensive local fundraising from generous supporters and residents. Today, the Club continues to thrive thanks to personal donations, contributions from local institutions and various fundraising activities.


Membership of Hilton Cricket Club is open to everyone, regardless of age, sex, colour, creed, cricketing ability or any other distinguishing feature. In recent years, nearly all of these characteristics have been represented in the Hilton team, often simultaneously. Our results generally reflect an urge to enjoy ourselves, rather than an irresistible will to win. This means that were are able to take those rare defeats well in our stride without undue psychological stress. Although we do not yet have a junior team, youngsters are very welcome to join the Club and representatives of two generations of the same family are often to be seen taking to the field together for Hilton. To enquire about joining or supporting Hilton Cricket Club, click here. [Contact Us]


Our seasonal programme is dominated by our participation in the Hunts County League, but we also enter the Smith Barry Junior Cup and schedule a few friendly matches. These games are generally played on Sunday afternoons between late April and mid-September. A highlight of the summer is a series of three evening matches played on the Green in the early part of Feast Week against local invitation sides. This culminates in the contest for the Rob Woodley Memorial Trophy, when the current Hilton team makes its annual attempt to defeat a revered assembly of former Hilton “Greats”.

Club Trophies

Each year, we present three club trophies for outstanding performance or service to the Club:

The A J Oakett Memorial Trophy, for the best individual performance of the season

The George Britten Cup, for the young player of the year

The Fred Robinson Memorial Trophy, for clubman of the year

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